Maranatha SDA Christian School

Developing Leaders Today Who Will Walk With Jesus Into Eternity

Objectives of Our School

  1. To encourage students to recognize God as their Savior and the Source of all life. 
  2. To provide an environment which supports Christian education. 
  3. To lead students in a personal knowledge of God, thus developing strong Christian characters. 
  4. To encourage and promote the development of responsibility in each student. 
  5. To teach our students self-respect, respect for every member of the human race, and regard for God’s world. 
  6. To give intellectual and practical training which will make each student resourceful, confident, and well-qualified to meet the realities of life. 
  7. To enhance the ability of each student to become increasingly independent in gaining knowledge and making decisions based on accumulated facts. 
  8. To promote the development of leadership, personality, social relationships, habits of refinement, and culture in every student. 
  9. To develop attitudes of discernment and sound judgment when choosing values. 
  10. To assist students in understanding and practicing healthful living principles. 
  11. To prepare students to fill a place in the great work God has for them.