Maranatha SDA Christian School

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Social Skills Development

We understand, it seems counter intuitive to enroll your child in a smaller setting and still develop social skills.  However, most children develop close friendships with very few classmates at school, and often those friendships are with someone who has similar interests and abilities .  Most of the children around them are acquaintances. 

In a small school setting, students learn how to develop relationships with students of all ages, interests, and abilities.  They learn how to adapt and respond to a wide variety of needs.  Students also tend to become close and maintain friendships even after they graduate and move away.  In many ways, a small school setting helps to prepare a student for the real world, employment/office dynamics of working with peers of various ages and abilities.  

Students have the opportunity to interact with students in our local school, with students from around the state of Wisconsin enrolled in Seventh-day Adventist Schools, with community members, and are encouraged to continue to pursue their interests and hobbies with friends and family members.  In fact, we recognize that it is often difficult to find time to pursue these extra opportunities and still accomplish homework and keep up with school.  Towards that end, we  limit planned homework and try to help students stay on track to completion of school work during the school day so that they will not have very much homework.