Maranatha SDA Christian School

Developing Leaders Today Who Will Walk With Jesus Into Eternity

Family and Interpersonal Relationships

Develop a sense of self-worth, along with skills in interpersonal relationships needed for meeting the responsibilities of family membership, and respond with sensitivity to the needs of others.


A.                              Develop effective interpersonal skills in family and other relationships

B.                              Recognize God's ideal of the family as the basic unit of society

C.                              Develop a sensitivity for the diversity in others

D.                              Acquire knowledge, attitudes and skills essential to meeting family responsibilities whether living alone or with others

E.                               Reflect Christian principles through refinement in taste, decorum, language, dress, and courtesy

F.                               Develop a sense of self-worth in harmony with Christian ideals

G.                              Understand sexuality and its expression in the context of God's ideal

H.                              Develop the attitudes and behaviors necessary for successful marriage and parenting.