Maranatha SDA Christian School

Developing Leaders Today Who Will Walk With Jesus Into Eternity

Acceptance of God and His Word

Surrender one's whole life to God through conversion; use the Bible as a basis for a relationship with Jesus Christ and a guide in all areas of life.

A.                              Accept God as the Creator, Redeemer, and the Source of knowledge and wisdom

B.                              Have a developing knowledge of God's Word

C.                              Accept Christ as one's personal Savior as affirmed through baptism

D.                              Acknowledge the power of prayer and its role in making decisions

E.                               Value God's inspired writings and created works as sources of His revelation

F.                               Identify and use God-given spiritual gifts

G.                              Understand the appropriate roles of law and grace in salvation

H.                              Discover enjoyment in the study of God's Word

I.                                Voluntarily maintain personal devotions

J.                                Value and participate in corporate forms of worship

K.                              Accept God's Word as the basis for making decisions in the daily experiences of life

L.                               Apply biblical principles of Christian morality, integrity, and ethical behavior to all aspects of life.