Maranatha SDA Christian School

Developing Leaders Today Who Will Walk With Jesus Into Eternity

Intellectual Development

Adopt a systematic, logical approach to decision-making and problem-solving based on a body of scientific, mathematical, and historical knowledge, within the context of a biblical perspective.

A.                              Broaden intellectual abilities through the study of God's Word

B.                              Use critical and creative thinking skills in decision making and problem solving

C.                              Develop intellectual competence in natural sciences and mathematics, arts and humanities, social sciences, and applied arts

D.                              Develop effective ways to learn, study, and to locate and organize information

E.                               Understand how intellectual processes are influenced by a healthy lifestyle

F.                               Relate thinking skills to "real world" experiences

G.                              Integrate Bible-based principles throughout the whole range of thought and intellectual development

H.                              Apply the principle of life-long learning.