Maranatha SDA Christian School

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Why Attend a Small School

Without apology, Maranatha SDA Christian School strives to provide a different approach to education.   Looking at each student as individuals with unique mix of strengths and areas under development, we strive to help them develop mastery in a setting that is paced to their needs.  As your partner in preparing your child for their future, we look not just at the grades and short-term outcomes, but look at the long-term goals and abilities your child possess. 

We are intentionally limited in enrollment in order to be able to meet each student where they are and help them develop personally.  Our small class encourages a sense of friendship and family that invites students to develop friendships in a respectful and caring environment.   Academics are important, and they are a primary reason why we meet each day.  But, we look beyond the academics and recognize that good citizenship, respect, and value of good character are skills that are equally important in child development.  These skills are just as important and valued as we help students lay the foundation for their future. 

In our classroom, we have a blend of students from grades K-8 at any given time.  Alignment of interests and abilities are able to naturally be addressed as students work with classmates who become friends across the ages.  Core content in language development and math processes are taught individually to allow for a child’s greatest growth at the pace that allows mastery.  We recognize that all children learn, just not in the same way, or on the same day.   The pace is regularly adjusted as student needs change.  Content in science, social studies, Bible, music and art all work in group settings and allow for continued mastery on an individual basis, even as cooperative learning takes place.   

Integration of regular movement, fresh air, outdoor learning, off campus learning, community experts, and many other factors that are ever changing  help our students develop their potential.  We are right sized to be able to adapt and work with student needs, while still being structured and outcome oriented to be able to help students keep moving in the right track.