Maranatha SDA Christian School

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Discipline and Student Conduct

General School Rules 

1. Respect God 
2. Respect Others 
3. Respect Yourself 
4. Respect Property 

Deportment and Respect for Others 

The student will show respect for teachers and others at all times. This courtesy will be stressed by the teacher and must be supported by the parents. The students will also be shown respect by the teacher. Conversations, actions, and practices should reflect Jesus’ character and example. Students should be encouraged to think of others first and practice the principles of Christian morals, ethics, and fair play. Courtesy and respect should be in the forefront. No rough play will be permitted at school. Proper conduct in the school building should help to prevent accidents. Fighting or using inappropriate language will not be tolerated. 

Possession of a gun or any other type of weapon will result in immediate dismissal. 


Physical Contact


Any sexual advances or inappropriate touching is absolutely prohibited.  Inappropriate touching includes hugging, kissing, hand holding, leaning into, hanging onto, and rubbing against others.  This policy shall be in effect for ALL school functions whether on campus or not.


Respect for Property 

Maranatha Seventh-day Adventist Christian School will work toward a work/study program in which the teacher and students work side by side. It is recommended that a minimum of 15 minutes each day be set aside for maintaining the cleanliness and orderliness of the interior and exterior of the school building. These tasks are basic in nature and help the students to learn neatness and respect for personal, communal, and school properties. The teacher, in cooperation with the school board, will determine what tasks are time and age appropriate. 


Gum is not to be chewed in the school or on the school premises, unless during a teacher-directed and supervised activity. 

Toys and Electronics 

No toys or electronic devices will be allowed to be brought to school, or on the school grounds, “other than playground or recreational equipment,” without making prior arrangements with the teacher. Those items brought without the teacher’s and parent’s permission will become property of the school for that day.  Persistent testing of this guideline can result in the device becoming the property of the school for the remaining semester.


Cell phones are sometimes necessary to help facilitate arrangements for student's travel home.  Cell phones may be brought to school, but must be turned into the teacher each morning and will be available for students to pick up in the afternoon before going home.  Failure to turn in cell phones can result in the loss of the privileges to have phones at school and on school functions.  This policy will apply to all school events whether on campus or not.


Students will not be allowed to bring pets to school unless parents have been contacted by the teacher; this being for special projects or study purposes. Parents will be called and expected to timely take home uninvited pets. 

Possession of Illegal Substances 

The use or handling of tobacco, alcohol, or drugs is forbidden. These substances are not permitted on school grounds. Visitors, as well as students and staff, are to refrain from the use of these substances during school activities or on the school grounds. 


Dishonesty, including theft, willful deception regarding violation of school regulations, cheating on tests, class work, plagiarism, or in any phase of school or business is prohibited. 

Plagiarism will result in no credit for a portion of, or the complete, assignment at the teacher's discretion based upon the abilities and learning levels of each student.  Subsequent plagiarism can result in action with the school board.


The school cannot incur additional expenses due to student’s carelessness or negligence. Students will repair or replace, at the parent’s expense, equipment or school property they have defaced or destroyed. Failure to do so may result in student suspension or dismissal. 


Parents will be notified if their child has been suspended temporarily by the teacher. Expulsion is within the jurisdiction of the school board. If a parent does not pick up a suspended child in a timely manner, the suspension will be carried over into the following school day. Students may be retained after school; the teacher will notify the parents if such an action is deemed necessary. 


The teacher is to establish a safe play period for all students. The students are to treat others as they would like to be treated. Some general playground rules are: 
1. Practice sportsmanship at all times. 
2. No throwing snowballs, except for designated P.E. activities. 
3. Stay in the playground area. 
4. Never throw rocks, sand, paper, or other foreign materials on the playground. 
5. No standing or swinging sideways on the swings and only one child on a swing at a time. 
6. Do not throw balls or other objects toward the building. 
7. Do not climb trees or get on top of the building. School insurance does not cover accidents resulting from these activities. 


Parties and special activities shall be under the direct consent and supervision of the teacher. 


Simplicity, neatness, cleanliness, healthfulness, appropriateness, and modesty are the standards of good taste in dress. Tattered or dirty clothes will not be permitted. We are asking the cooperation of parents to see that their children come to school dressed properly. If these guidelines are not adhered to, the board has given the teacher permission to call the parents to come and pick up their child or bring appropriate clothing. 

Collared shirts are required for all students to wear, with the exception of times when girls wear modest skit outfits or dresses.  Collared shirts include polos, button front oxford style, crochet collars, and turtlenecks.  Inappropriate school appearance includes, but is not limited to the following: shorts, midriff shirts, skorts/skirts/dresses above the knee, shirts with slogans, t-shirts and casual sweatshirts, jewelry, or noticeable make-up. At the teacher’s discretion, in hot weather, MODEST shorts may be allowed. Prior permission from the teacher is needed before shorts are worn to school. 

All students must come dressed appropriately for school programs. A dress code (dresses/dress pants and shirts/regular neat school clothes/etc.) will be determined by the teacher and school board prior to each program and be communicated to the parents. 

Uniform shirts and designated slacks will sometimes be required for field trips and special events.  Parents are to provide the required, appropriately fitting attire and students are to wear it when designated.